Alice Ierley Esq.


Alice Ierley received her B.A. and J.D. from the University of Colorado. She is an elder law and estate planning attorney in Longmont. She has ten years of experience as an advocate for elders, people with disabilities, and their families. She specializes in Medicare and Medicaid issues, as well as long term care planning.

She is a former State Director of Senior Health Insurance Assistance Program through the Colorado Division of Insurance and worked with Boulder County Area Agency on Aging. She has an extensive background in conflict resolution, which she finds very helpful to her work as an advocate.

"Professionally and personally, I have seen first-hand the needs of vulnerable persons to be treated with dignity and respect, while ensuring their quality of life. Having experience both as an advocate and as a mediator allows me to work effectively with a wide range of interests, keeping the important issues in the foreground."

Alice was also an adjunct professor in the University of Denver Law & Society program through the Women's College.

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